Buddha Head with Lotus Flowers Ring

This Buddha was a piece that I discovered on a thrift store journey. I molded the charm and created a wax and then cast the buddha using the lost wax casting method.
This ring has hand carved lotus blooms on each side. Lotuses white, pink or blue can represent human beings of 3 types, since they either stand on the surface, slightly above, or up and out of the water. Because they emerge from slime and corruption, then grow up through the purifying water to emerge into the sunlight, they are seen as metaphors for the development of the individual being towards enlightenment.

Sterling silver can tarnish over time. We recommend using a flannel polishing cloth to clean the piece.

This Ring and is very comfortable to wear, it attracts many compliments.

We can make this ring to any size, in less than 2 weeks. This particular ring is size 8.

This handmade piece is created using the lost wax casting method. The ring is molded and carved in wax and then cast.

We can do custom jewelry and wedding rings as well.

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