Craft & Cast Wedding WorkShop Deposit

Craft and Cast:

Have you always wanted to Craft and Cast your own wedding rings?  Well we are here to make this happen for you and yours.  This work shop is offered at our Studio in Oceanside.

We will show you how to create the rings in wax, and then cast them using the lost wax casting method. We cast your rings together so the rings transform from wax, and become Rings of Fire. The Rings of Fire are created at the same time with 1 continuous flow of metal a "symbol of life" which creates both unique rings. The ring is of course a circle and this was the symbol of eternity for the Egyptians as well as many other ancient cultures. It had no beginning and no end, like time. It returned to itself, like life; and the shape was worshiped in the form of the Sun and the Moon. The hole in the center of the ring is not just space either; it is important in its own right as the symbol of the
gateway, or door; leading to things and events both known and unknown.

It is not difficult therefore, to see how the ring and the gift of a ring began to be associated with love, in the hope that this most worthy of emotions could take on the characteristics of the circle and capture eternity.

The ring is worn third finger of the left hand, because of a belief that the vein of that finger directly traveled from the heart. This finger is the ‘vena amoris’, which is Latin for ‘the vein of love’.

You will have the choice to make your rings in Sterling Silver , 14K White or Yellow Gold.  The remainder of the cost of your class fee, will be an additional cost based on complexity of rings and metal market price or provided material. You have the opportunity to recycle a family heirloom ring or stone in the process as well. Final Payment is due on day of workshop.

Rings without Gemstones can typically be completed during the workshop all others will be reviewed per project.

We can do this workshop during the week or on a weekend.  Plan for 8 hours. Lunch and snacks included.

Price: $300.00