Craft with your Kid-oh Workshop

Craft with your Kid-oh Workshop

Craft with your Kid-oh Workshop

Here at Silver Botanica we actively include the whole family in our business, not enough that child labor might be a problem but enough so that our kids are inspired by art and creative work. We are strong believers in the Artist’s way of life and exposing kids to the creative process. During this workshop we will teach you and your kid-oh how to create a ring in wax, and then cast it using the ancient lost wax casting method.

In this fast moving, fun, creative, and intensive 5-8 hr workshop, students will get hands on experience carving a wax model. You will learn how to use an electric wax pen and how to carve, file, and polish wax models. Then, you will learn how to invest and cast your work into Sterling Silver, White Bronze, or Gold Bronze. To complete your creation, you will learn how to polish your finished castings.  This is a great opportunity to learn all you need to know to make jewelry using the lost wax casting process, from start to finish.

In the first half of the day, students will learn how to design and carve a wax model or modify one of our wax models. All specific hand tools for wax carving are provided. Once this wax model is completed, it is invested in a casting flask, and prepared for casting. We will then provide a light lunch or meal and yummy beverages while our flasks are burning out in the kiln.

After lunch and flask burn out, all the wax models are individually casted in the centrifuge, with the instructors help, in your choice of Sterling Silver, White Bronze, or Gold Bronze. The newly cast models are cleaned, finished, polished and patina-ed if you desire.

Students will leave the workshop with their own metal original ring. You will have a choice of Sterling Silver, White Bronze, or Gold Bronze to purchase in the studio. Carving wax and tools are also available for purchase in the studio. All hand tools, casting, and mold making equipment are available in the studio for use by the participants.

WORKSHOP FEE: $175 per parent & child
This class is set up to work best with a parent and a child.  If you have two kids we encourage you to bring both parents.

Classes are held in the Silver Botanica store and studio located in Honomu, the gateway to Akaka Falls. They are available by standard appointment on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays or by special appointment on other days. Please include your e-mail during checkout and we will contact you to set you appointment date and time.

Price: $175.00
P&P: $0.00
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