Tiki Surf Bracelet

Tiki Surf Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet - This Retro Hip .925, Sterling Silver hinged bracelet is handmade in the US by Hi Octane Jewelry.

The Bracelet is made with 5 links that make the bracelet 7.5" total length. Bracelet links are 1 3/8" wide. We can add or remove links to make this bracelet smaller or larger and customize it anyway needed. Can be for man or a woman. Each link is hinged with 2 handmade hinges that align perfectly with the matching link. Clasp is a hidden box clasp.

This handmade bracelet is the real deal solid sterling silver with the old school retro tiki, all hand crafted.

Hot Rod, Retro Tiki, Rockabilly Jewelry.

Price: $395.00