Wrench V8 White Bronze Necklace

Wrench V8 White Bronze Necklace

Wrench V8 White Bronze Necklace, this custom designed V8 design is an Original Design by Hi Octane Jewelry.  We created it our Cad Cam software using 3D Matrix. The piece was then milled in wax. The Silver toned handmade piece is then created using the lost wax casting method.
The V8 Wrench pendant is 2" Long by 1-1/2" wide. Comes on 16" sterling plated snake chain.
Matching earrings  and ring available. Necklace is made to order 6-8 working days or less.

Earrings & ring also available. Available in White Bronze, Gold Bronze, Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Plated.

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